This paper needs to at least 3 pages double spaced paper on one aspect of the economic system found in your text book, (Supply and Demand, Circular Flow System, Federal Reserve, Microeconomics, or Macroeconomic etc.) Or you can find  Economic Articles, news paper articles and Business magazines.

Instructions for the Economics Paper

Title Page
            Title of the Paper
            Student Name

Table of Content



            Resources used

Suggested Topic

1.      The Market System


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2.      Command System

3.      The Specific Economic System of a specific country

4.      Federal Reserve System

5.      Federal Debt

6.      Internal Revenue Service

7.      North American Free Trade Agreement

8.      U S Stock Market

9.      World Trade  Organization

10.  Welfare and Transfer Payment

11.  World Bank

12.  Public Goods and Services

13.  International Monetary Fund

14.  European Union

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