"Drinking: A Love Story" By Caroline Knapp

100 points

Length 7-9 pages.

Please select one or more of the memoirs in the recommended readings list or propose another. Address your reactions to the memoir(s) and consider the following questions:

a. Why did you pick this memoir? What are your personal responses to this story and the authors construction of his/her illness/disability/disease and the methods of treatment he/she received?

b. Using approaches to understanding the intersections of culture and mental illness in class, discuss how the authors experience, idioms of distress, and efforts to accept or resist labeling and treatment reflect cultural values, folkways, and attitudes about psychological suffering. Also discuss how this authors experience may differ from cultural values, folkways, etc.

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c. How do gender, race, class, historical context etc. influence the experience of illness by the author and others in connections with the author?

d. Describe the impacts of the significant relationships on the authors experience of the illness/disability, particularly emphasizing therapeutic relationship(s) discussed in the book. What stands out to you as especially significant, helpful, and not helpful? What is missing in her/his relational world? What are the challenges for the people in relationship to the author and how well were these challenges managed?

Grading Rubric:

20 Points how well author explains personal responses to the memoir

20 Points how well author explains the intersections of culture and psyche in the book

20 Points how well author explicates issues of gender, race, and/or class

20 Points how well author explores the effects of significant relationships

20 Points grammatically correct, referenced properly, comprehensible

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