Dramatic Exploration Guidelenes

Please read these guidelines in their entirety.

The following is intended to help you write dramatic exploration paper. 

**Remember the general rule; do not assume that I will know what you are speaking about, be clear with your examples and make sure to fully support your argument. **

For your dramatic exploration, you will choose one of the plays we have read in class and select a group of three quotes and write a paper.

Part One: Preparing your argument.
Choose one of the plays from our current section.

oOne: Medea, Twelfth Night 
oTwo: A Doll House, Trifles, All My sons
oThree: Ma Raineys Black Bottom, Notes from the Field, Mojada

Select a group of three quotes associated with your chosen play.
What connects these three quotes? Or what is a theme that connects all three of these quotes?
Write out an argument for why cach quote matters.

Part Two: Supporting your argument.
Find a minimum of one quote from an outside source that supports your thesis.
oLook for academic sources, journals, theatre sources.
oGoogle Scholar is a great place to start this search.
Avoid using any study guide or study support websites and blogs. They are not acceptable sources and should not be avoided completely.

Part Three: 
You will use all three quotes in your paper. They can go in any order that best supports your thesis. Your outside source quote can go in any of the paragraphs. 
Your paper should follow the following format:
oParagraph 1: Intro and thesis (bold your thesis)
oParagraph 2: Quotes One and Argument
oParagraph 3: Quote Two and Argument 
oParagraph 4: Quote Three and Argument
oParagraph 5: Conclusion

Section Four: Sources
Using MLA formatting, cite and all sources youve used.
oCite your play! (Available on Blackboard)
oAnd your outside sources.
If you quote it, use it in any way, make sure you cite it!
Utilize in-text citations.

Proper heading (first page only, upper left, do not double space this)
oYour name
oEL 207: Drama
oProfessor Name
Doubled spaced
12-point font, 1 margins 
Make sure to either underline or italicize the title of the play
Header (starting on second page) right tabbed, Last name page #.
See Purdue Owl MLA Link for further formatting questions.
Your paper should be between 1-3 pages, so be concise in your argument.

Final thoughts 
Proofread (Remember 4 or more easily spotted errors will result in a loss 20 points.)
Be specific in your observations.
Make it your own!
Be interesting, unique, excited, angry, poetic. be yourself!
Avoid any phrases such as I think or Could be it undermines your scholarly voice and cast doubt over the validity of your argument. 

Dramatic Exploration Guidelenes

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