Discussion Post For US History

A. How did periods of upheaval and conflict in England affect its relationship with its American colonies? In other words, what did the colonies provide that Europe did not have at this time?
B. What marked the economic growth of the American colonies from 1660 to 1750? Consider types of and differences between the forms of activity.
C. How did competition in the first half of the seventeenth century between the three leading European powers for control of the North American colonies affect both Native Americans and the fate of the colonies? Again, consider how the 'Old World' dynamic influenced the unique developments in the Americas.

E. What was the impact of the Seven Years’ War on the relationship between England and its colonies? This, perhaps, is central to the stability of relations through the beginning of the American Revolution.

F. What was at the core of the tensions between the colonists and the British in the years following the Seven Years’ War? List what's the root causes of tensions.

G. Why did colonial resistance continue even after the Stamp Act was withdrawn?  Unified resistance or pockets throughout the colonies?

H. What fed colonists’ growing rebelliousness and fears of British authority from 1770 to 1774? Why now? In what form?

I. Why was reconciliation between Britain and its American colonies ultimately impossible? What changed to make the possibility of reconciliation nearly impossible at this point?

J. How did British colonists choose sides as the American Revolution approached?

K. What turned the tide of war in the colonists’ favor and ensured their victory in the American Revolution?

Discussion Post For US History

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L. How did the American Revolution change people’s lives during and after the conflict ended?

M. How did the new United States of America implement a system of government?

N. What were the key concerns about replacing the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution?

O. Which groups experienced the greatest gains and losses in the early years of the new republic?

P. What were the points of unity and fissure in the new American government?

Q. How did foreign policy concerns inspire increased partisanship?

R. How did the political disputes in the early republic develop into the nation’s first political parties?

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