Discussion Post 3

  • Answer the following questions in 5-7 sentences (each). Include a piece of evidence formatted in MLA style in your response. The evidence, however, does not count toward your sentence count, meaning that you need 5-7 sentences other than your evidence. Each question tells you what type of evidence you should include.


Discussion Post 3

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  1. As the book progresses, Grande describes how she and her siblings matured into late adolescence and early adulthood. How do they assimilate to American culture? Do they hang on to their Mexican heritage? Include a block quote in your response.
  2. Grande ends her memoir by focusing on dreams. What has Grande learned about dreams? What role models instilled the idea of dreams in her mind? Why do think she ends the memoir with a hopeful tone? Include a quote that uses brackets or an ellipsis.
  3. Zoom out to think about the big picture. How does Grandes book represent the immigrant experience? How might her book help Americans reflect on the lives of immigrants in America? Include a quote or paraphrase in your response.

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