Discussion Board Questions

Hi, I need these 3 questions to be answered. These are just discussion board questions. Your responses should be substantive and should be referenced (2 journal references per discussion). References should be within 10 years. 

Please answer these quesions with 2 references for each. Thank you!

  1. Using Benners Novice to Expert Model, describe a situation illustrating how a nurse functioning primarily at a competent level of expertise can promote learning for a new graduate functioning as a novice nurse. 

Discussion Board Questions

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  1. You are managing the care of a woman that has been described as difficult. Consider your capacity to engage with similar patients in the past and describe your approach using Watsons Theory. 


  1. Use Nightingales canons to conduct an assessment of your living area. Develop a health promotion plan for change in at least one area based on the assessment.  

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