Discussion Assignment - Volcanic Hazard In CA

There are two parts to this discussion assignment. You must respond to both parts.

The first part consists of questions based on the United States Geological Survey, USGS, publication titled Californias Exposure to Volcanic Hazards.  Download Californias Exposure to Volcanic Hazards.  After submitting your response to Part 1, comment on at least two students' posts in Part 2.

PART 1 [10 points]


Discussion Assignment - Volcanic Hazard In CA

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Answer the following questions related to Californias exposure to volcanic hazards.

  1. Define volcanic hazard. Which material or process related to a volcano causes the hazard? What are the impacts of volcanic hazards?
  2. Who/what could be exposed and would be adversely impacted through exposure to a volcanic hazard? Explain by giving examples.
  3. Study the map of California showing volcanoes (Figure 1). Based on this map name all California volcanoes that are determined to be high or very high threat.
  4. Based on Table 1 (page 13), what measures or steps are suggested to limit the exposure to the following hazard types: pyroclastic flows, lava flows, and ash falls?
  5. According to the report, does the state of CA have sound plans to mitigate volcanic hazards as well as to respond effectively in the event of a volcanic hazard? Explain by giving examples.


  • Type your answers in the text box beneath the discussion questions. Your answers should not be attached as word or pdf files. Other students may find it difficult to open your attachments.
  • Answer all 5 questions in separate paragraphs. Identify which question number you are answering. Do not answer all questions in one paragraph in the form of an essay.
  • You must post your answers to the 5 questions before you can see other students' posts.
  • If you post a blank or partial response to Part 1 to be followed by a full/complete answer, 60% or more points will be deducted from your earned score - No exception!


PART 2 [5 points]

DISCUSS WITH THE CLASS - Comment on at least two students' post.

After posting your answers to Part 1, engage in a discussion with at least two other students. I am looking for meaningful interaction, so your comments should be substantive discussions that either correct the other students' answers or add a different perspective to their answers. In short, the comments must involve course-level discussion that go deep into what the other students have written. You can't write generic comments such as 'I like your answers', 'good job', or that's interesting etc. Any such comments will receive zero points. (2.5 points each, total: 5 points)----(I will upload my classmate answers.)

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