Digital Communication And The Effects On Mental Health


This is a literature review assignment. I have completed most research (although once you see the sources i've included in my Introduction, Rationale, and Concept 1, other sources can be changed. The sources in the file "Literature Review 1" must be included in my rough draft. I have uploaded my Syllabus, Outline, first draft of Introduction, Rationale, and Concept 1. The syllabus description for the rough draft due is below: 

The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you are working toward your final literature review assignment. This draft is worth 100 points.  Your rough draft is essentially for first attempt at the FULL literature review assignment. It should include ALL of the required parts/elements listed under the Literature Review Assignment Guidelines. It does not have to be perfect or polished. Literature reviews take a lot of time and effort. Next week we will be doing mini peer reviews, which will give you the opportunity to read a part of someone else's literature review, as well as gain some positive and critical feedback on your rough draft. This feedback should be used to revise your paper as you work on your final literature review assignment.

Digital Communication And The Effects On Mental Health

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  • Demonstrate ability to use library resources for research.
  • Develop and justify a research problem.
  • Demonstrate correct APA style.
  • Evaluate your own and others' writing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully work with peers.
  • Write an organized, insightful, literature review focused on a research question.


  1. Submit a COMPLETE draft of the literature review. Your final literature review MUST include a title page, abstract, intro/rationale, and literature view and will be between 12-20 pages.
  2. Please see the full literature review assignment guidelines under the "Course Information" module on Canvas. 
  3. MUST follow ALL proper APA guidelines.

I have completed the Introduction, Rationale, and Concept 1; however, this can only be slightly changed and MUST be included in the rough draft. 

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