Development Of Indicators

I have attatched the logic model I have provided. All you need to do is create a chart followingthe directions below: 
Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to translate the concepts from your conceptual framework Logic Model into measurable indicators.
1.(Optional) Make changes in the Logic Model that you submitted for Assignment #1, based on the comments you received on that exercise. Note: if you did well on Assignment #1, don’t make modifications!
2.Submit your Logic Model (original or modified) as part of this assignment as Appendix A.
3.List five indicators that you propose to measure, based on the Logic Model. Each indicator should measure some aspect of a concept shown in the Logic Model. Also, for each indicator, list a source of data (one source only, even if multiple sources exist). Present the indicators in a table with a title Program Indicators and three columns with the following information:
  • Concept (e.g., knowledge)
  • Specific indicator
  • Operational definition (see below #5 for help)
  • Source of data
4.If the Logic Model has more concepts, select only five for the purposes of this assignment. If the conceptual framework has less than five concepts, list multiple indicators for a single concept (e.g., different types of knowledge).
5.In some cases, the title of the indicator fully explains what will be measured (e.g., age of respondent, gender). For others, it is important to include an operational definition to explain how you will measure the concept. For example, “gender equity” is a good concept, but it requires some explanation of how you would measure it (for example, male/female ratio for primary school enrollment). Note: a given indicator does not have to measure all aspects of the concept, but rather some aspect of it.
6.Where appropriate, specify the age/sex to which the indicator applies (for example, “among males 15-24”).
7. Attached is an example of this assignment. It is not perfect, but can serve as a guide.

    Development Of Indicators

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