DEFI - Decentralized Finance

ts an SLR in aspect of cyber Security and Privacy

the topic will be on DEFI

decentralized finance

so need an expert writer in cyber or info security to write this and he should know what is an SLR

DEFI - Decentralized Finance

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Systematic Literature Review of Security and Privacy Challenges in Emerging Networks- topic is on DEFI decentralised networks

You are required to submit an essay and develop a systemaVc literature review of security and/or privacy challenges in emerging computer networks

You will be given some base papers to show you examples of the approaches taken in these types of wriVng.

Major piSalls that significantly drop your mark (please avoid): following are main issues in students’ submissions that can be addressed easily:
• Copying text from other arVcles and/or websites without rewording
• SecVons of essay are not following a proper story flow and are wriSen as islands of paragraphs each one explaining a separated concept. Please make sure you have proper flow in each secVon of your paper and linking sentences are included to link
paragraphs appropriately.
• WriVng and grammar issues
• Missing one or more secVons in the essay
• Figures are not sharp, not focused to the main point
• Figures or tables are not referenced in-text

• Inclusion of irrelevant or not important figures, tables or unnecessary explanaVon of irrelevant concepts. You need to make sure that all your contents are relevant and really needed.

Word count/ dura(on (if applicable)
Your submissions should be in single column, font 12 Times New Roman, IEEE referencing format (numbered), single line spacing, and not less than 3,000 words (excluding figures, tables and references). All figures should be focused and very sharp! Figures and tables should be used only when really necessary and inclusion of irrelevant contents would be penalized! Please make sure all figures and tables are cited in-text. Obviously, your paper should not have any wriVng or grammar issues!

Assessment Criteria
The following criteria will be applied in assessing your work:
Outstanding (90% – 100%)
The essay presentaVon, discussion and results are very in-depth while tackling all possible aspects of analysed technologies within selected contexts. Results are of outstanding quality and paper shows comprehensive understanding of applicable techniques. All different angles of the problem were invesVgated, and detailed reports and high-quality snapshots are provided. The submission is very complete and provided results and discussions are comparable with selected base paper in all aspects. The paper wriVng and structure is of outstanding quality with no wriVng or grammar issues.

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