Death Of A Salesman

Compose an initial post the equivalent of 1-2 double-spaced typed pages in which you offer a discussion of key points that stand out in your mind after reading Death of a Salesman.  Include at least one thought-provoking point or question.  In addition to the content above, I will offer some suggestions, but I am interested to see what this play meant to you; what is your interpretation?   Here are some ideas; be sure to explain your responses and include citations:


Were there places in the play where you got confused?
In what ways do you identify with the dreams of any of Miller's characters?
What is the significance of the title?
In what ways does Miller convey who these characters are?
What is the significance of the characters' names?
Discuss the roles of the women in the play.
Identify two minor characters and describe their significance to a theme of the play.
Give significant thought to Miller's staging including use of lighting, music, and the dramatization of dreams and memories.  How does this compare to Williams?
In what ways can you compare and contrast Williams' and Miller's uses of dreams/memories/reality to support the theme(s) of these plays and the characterizations of members of each cast?

Death Of A Salesman

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