Critical Reflection Essay

This is an critical reflection essay for a writing class/ 
So the professor want to choose3 sources from "border crossings " textbook and 2 outside sources so will be 5 sources in total 
For the two other sources can be a website end in edu/ gov/ org Not .com unless 
The three sources selection from border crossing is :
1/ change of language, change of personality  part 1 and 2 by francois Grosjean
2 / living in Two worlds, but with just one language by steve inskeep and micheal norris
3/ communication strategies across cultural border 
This the tree from the book that you have to use as well besides the 2 outside sources
( Consider using questions)this very important 
The title should be related to thesis in some way and if you can but the title as question as the professor want would be perfect 
Make an argument and connect these to give a topic question paper should have an arguments 
Please no plagiarism I'll submit this on ( Turnitin)   
In some way, if put my experience as my English as second language for me if can you make connection. I upload the text book border accessing the 3 seclusion that made you can find them from p170 

Critical Reflection Essay

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