Critical Reaction Paper

Critical Reaction Paper


This paper should provoke you to think critically about the foods thatwe eat in this country, as well as yourself. For this assignment select areading from Marion Nestles Food Politics blog forum:

Paperrequirements and format:

  • Minimum of one full page, no morethan two pages, double-spaced, 12 Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins
  • Write in first person
  • Utilize AMA formatting.(Attached is a powerpoint that explains the formatting), (this link takes you to a site to help AMA citing)
  • Also attached is an example paper

Identify the date of the blog entryand the topic. The blog entry must be from withinsix months of your assignments due date (No later than October 14th).It must also be a blog that she wrote about the topic. Several of her other entrieson the blog simply contain links to find information on topics, but she doesnot provide her own discussion on the topic for those.

  • Date and title of blog entry incenter of page below your name. Example:

Sept 4, 2019: New School NutritionLaw Takes Youths Health to Heart

Write infirst person since is this is your own personal discussion and opinion of thetopic. This is NOT an essay paper about the topic, so do not summarize anyinformation from the blog. Utilize formal language. It should be written assuch to include appropriate structure and writing rules followed. Avoidcolloquialisms, acronyms, clich, slang, and humor

Describeyour reaction to the topic presented by Dr. Nestle. Do you believe her? Did shealter your thoughts or actions regarding the food topic discussed? What impactmight her ideas have on American culture, food intake, agriculture, and economics?How does what she is discussing relate to what you have learned in class orexperienced outside of class? What business, industry or major player may havea stake in this food issue? Why? These are some ideas you might want todiscuss.

You must useat least one other credible resource (outside of what she listed/used in theblog) to validate your opinion. Note, you may not use any of the resourcesshe provides on the blog. You will need to research your own resource andinclude it in your paper.  You may notuse any .com pages or YouTube videos, instead, find credible resourcesto investigate your opinion (.org, .gov or a journal article published in apeer reviewed journal).  

Critical Reaction Paper

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You may onlyuse a short quote if included. If you use a quote from the blog, you mustreference it and provide it on the reference page.

Hint: Youmay want to explore hyperlinks to further understand the topic. If you utilizethe links in your paper, make sure you properly reference other pages and authoredmaterial. Stealing other peoples ideas or words is plagiarism but paraphrasingwhile citing them and agreeing is not.

There aretwo examples papers loaded for you to review. Be sure to review them for betterunderstanding of the paper requirements.

Grading Rubric possible deductions:

File Name Incorrect

 -2 points

Spelling & Grammar


Leaving Out Blog Date & Title


Format Incorrect

Not double spaced


Wrong font


References Incorrect/Not AMA


Overall structure of paper


Clear thought-out opinion


Organized thoughts


Did not use one credible ref source



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