Critical Analysis : Identifying A Paradox

 ***Essay should be between 500-750 words.
***Please use sources ONLY from the textbook (shared username & password below) and assigned readings (shared as pdf).

Textbook 1 (Worlds Together, Worlds Apart 6th Edition / WTWA)



Password: Passwordwtws6

Textbook 2 (Section & Little Seagull)



Password: Passwordwtws6

Critical Analysis : Identifying A Paradox

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Please read all of the guidelines below for this essay.


From the reading (shared as pdf; you do not have to read all of the poem), identify one paradox that Krishna develops in theGita. Briefly define what makes the paradox paradoxicalwhat two elements are beingjuxtaposed that logically contradict each other. Then, develop an argument thataddresses: a) what is this paradoxs significance, and b) how does it help Krishnapersuade Arjuna to fight in the war.

There are several conceptual categories (these are categories, not paradoxes!) to use as astarting point. These are ways in to the texts core themes, they are not boxes youhave to check. A good paper WILL NOT try to tackle all of these.

The individual and the universal

Perception and reality

Temporality and atemporality

Fate and free will

Good and evil

Action and inaction

Nuts and Bolts:

1) You must quote from the Gita to be successful in this assignment. Onlyuse our textbook and the Bhagavad Gita reading. Of these, make sureyou are engaging most fully with the Gita.

2) Cite all sources with in-text citation, but a separate citation page will not be needed. The Gitas translation istaken from Satyamurti, Carole, trans. Mahabharata: a Modern Retelling. NewYork, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, 2016. Print.

3) In addition,make sure to develop a specific, concrete argument that is supported with good quotes about your paradox. Identifying theparadox is just the first step, not the end goal. Dont just summarize and recapitulate thetexts contents.

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