Crisis Negotiation Incident

Hostage negotiations are a very dynamic and intricate part of law enforcement. The training that officers receive in law enforcement can make the difference between a successful negotiation or a failed one. Part of the training that officers often receive is reviewing past negotiations. They learn not to make the same mistakes again and learn from positive things during the negotiation.
Find a past hostage negotiation incident with the police or corrections.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover that includes the following:
• Discuss the negotiation incident, specifically what occurred, who was involved,
mistakes made, actions taken, and the lessons learned.
• Upload the video to YouTube. Submit the YouTube URL to the comments area in the assignment.
• Maximum 10 slides in length, excluding the Title and Reference slides.
• At least two resources.
Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.

Crisis Negotiation Incident

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