Corporate Corruption

You can write your paper on any topic that has to do with Business Law or Ethics. While I do not require you to clear the topic with me, I highly recommend that you discuss your topic with me so I can advise you the best way to proceed.
You  must follow the APA style paper format.    If you need more information, I recommend the Purdue Owl website on APA.  You will find the information at Of course, if you are struggling, let me know and I will be glad to help you. 
The Paper will be 5 pages long, NOT including the title page, abstract and reference pages.  It will be graded on content as well as format.  The content will constitute 70% of your paper grade.  The format, including proper grammar, spelling and APA formatting  will be 30% of your paper grade. 
The Presentation
You should be prepared to speak for 10 minutes.  You can use Powerpoint or another program if you desire, but you dont have to. 80% of your grade on the presentation will be on the content of your presentation.  20% will be on style, including proper grammar and pronunciation.

Corporate Corruption

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