Conformist Vs. Non-Conformist

, wherein students are required to describe one friend (or family member) who conformed to society’s definition of acceptable behavior and one friend who did not conform and/or rebelled. Describe patterns of conforming and nonconforming behaviors and assess the factors that may have contributed to conforming and/or nonconforming behaviors.  What type of family did each friend grow up in?  Did they grow up in families affected by divorce; were they raised in a single parent home?  What was their relationship with their mother and father?  Did they lose a parent to death early in life?  Was there any hint of domestic abuse in the household? Did the parents have a history of alcoholism and/or drug addiction or problems with the law? How many siblings and what was your friend’s birth order?  Did they have an older sibling that they looked up to?  Did any of the siblings have problems with the law, or have mental or physical challenges?  What was the financial situation of the family-did they live in poverty, or was the family well situated?  Did you detect fighting in the household?  How did each friend do in high school—both academically and socially?  Did either of the friends get into fights often, or show other signs of aggressiveness?  Did they experiment with drugs, alcohol, and were they sexually promiscuous?  Describe how each friend turned out—what are they doing now?  Did they go to college?

Conformist Vs. Non-Conformist

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