Competitive Advantage


Spend a few minutes looking at yourself to discover your own competitive advantage. If you have previous work experience, these questions should be from a work environment perspective. If you do not have any work experience yet use these questions to evaluate yourself and on you would present, yourself to a prospective employee.

1.Write down your own strengths and weaknesses. What sort of organization will permit you to really leverage your strengths and keep you highly engaged in your work (person-organization fit)? Do some of your weaknesses need to be mitigated through additional training or mentoring from a more seasoned professional?

2.As an employee, how could you persuade your boss that you could be a vital source of sustainable competitive advantage? What evidence could you provide to make such an argument?

Instructions for this Assignment


To apply concepts pertaining to core competencies and create a competitive advantage for self in the job market. 

Competitive Advantage

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Read Chapter Four and then answer the questions in an essay format. 

Submission Format

Write at least a page consisting of three paragraphs


12 pt Arial

1" margins

Sources should be accurately cited in APA

Include a covering sheet with title of the assignment, name of the student, title of the course and section.

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