Compare And Contrast Gym Apparel Websites

For this paper, you are conducting research that will include two websites from two different companies (competitors) in your chosen career field and you will find two articles from the ASU Library databaseLinks to an external site. that address communication concepts or practices in that field.

I have already picked the two companies for the project and i also found the two sources i would like you to use. i attached the file below.

Compare And Contrast Gym Apparel Websites

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The companies are Lululemon and Gym Shark 

Then you are writing a 4-6 page paper, not including References page, that compares and contrasts the two websites in terms of the following features:

  • What stands out, or what are the distinguishing features, of the websites? Explain what you think and why. 
  • What do the websites hope to achieve, or what is their purpose? Explain how you can tell. 
  • Who is their target audience (singular or multiple)? How can you tell?
  • What personality or identity are they trying to convey? What makes you think that? 
  • How do they use images and graphics? What kind of vibe are they trying to create with the imagery? 
  • How do they use textual language? How much text is used relative to images, white space, or other features? Why do you think that is? What kind of language (word choice and style) do they use? Quote specific examples and explain why that is suitable language. 
  • Is there a blend of appealing to their audiences' emotions, morals and logic (pathos, ethos and logos) or is one dominant over the others? Explain the ratios and why you think they designed the websites that way. Are these rations effective given their target audience? 
  • Use insights, information and arguments from the ASU Library throughout the paper to support, enrich and/or strengthen the observations you make about the websites. You must use and cite the articles at least 4 times, at least 2 times must be exact quotes. Your use of the articles should be spread throughout the paper - do not put everything from the articles together in one paragraph. 

Your paper should follow standard MLA or APA standards and format. You are, of course, also being graded on depth and maturity of expression, grammar, word choice, punctuation and demonstration of a scholarly, professional voice. 

Your paper should contain:

  • A title that states what industry you looked at: "Competitor Websites in the Accounting Industry" 
  • An introduction paragraph that includes some general background information and overview about the industry and the companies you chose to analyze. The intro should also have a thesis statement that shares your overall opinion on what is most important or most compelling feature(s) for a business website to have to effectively communicate with their audience. 
  • Body paragraphs that organization the required information (listed above) in a logical and successful way. You will need to decide how to group different concepts together and in what order to create your paragraphs. 
  • A conclusion paragraph that briefly makes 2-4 observations about what you personally learned about effective business websites and how you would apply what you learned from this project to your own future endeavors; for example, what would you "steal" from this analysis if you ever had the need or was directed to help create your company's website. 
  • A References/Works Cited page that lists the two websites and two articles used in the paper. Make sure you use MLA or APA style for the citations and for the format. 

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