Community Health Worker

A reflection paper that explains how you have benefited through the development of
your project. (1 page)

This essay has been about my intership which its my job. Here goes my job description. I need to write the reflection of it. 
REPORTS TO: Works under the supervision of the school nurse who is responsible to the Director of
Health Services, School Principal, and Assistant Superintendent of Schools.
SUMMARY: Health Assistants will support the functions of the school health office. They will assist
nurses with various tasks including screenings, visits, data entry, clerical duties, outreach, and office
Promote and maintain optimal physical and emotional health of students and staff.
Monitor and support students in medical waiting areas, until
parent/guardian/emergency contact arrives.
Maintain health records and document pertinent information, and assisting with data
Maintain confidentiality of student's medical issues.
Provide support at one or more schools.
Assist COVID pool testing in school/schools and support follow up testing as well as
"Test and Stay" program
Provide rapid antigen test to symptomatic students
Educate and provide outreach for COVID positive students and families, educate on
isolation and quarantine
Contract trace positive cases (identifying close contacts and quarantining or testing
close contacts)
Assist families to get needed resources necessary for isolation and quarantine
Perform or assist with health screenings

Community Health Worker

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