Communication And Interpersonal Skills

You will select 3 academic sources and then you will pull information from each of them to
create an annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography should include:
1. Full bibliographic reference in APA format. (For APA assistance, set up an appointment
with Ms. Pippins (EagleCONNECT or or the OWL at Purdue: and citation/apa style/apa style introduction.html)
2. A permalink to the article Permalinks.pdf
3. 150 - 200 word annotation of the article including a brief summary of the article and how
it is relevant to your experience and/or your chosen domain of knowledge. 
4. At least one direct quote from the article that you intend to include in your essay. This
quote should become one of the three key points in your abstract conceptualization. 
Your annotated bibliography should follow APA guidelines. I have attached a sample paper to
guide you. While the content of the sample annotation is not important to you, the pattern and
format of the bibliography are.

Communication And Interpersonal Skills

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