Collecting And Utilizing Job Analysis Information

Please view Section 3, The Landscape of Job Design of Emerging Trends (, 02:42) (Links to an external site.) to gain an understanding of the ever-changing landscape of job design. In the first portion of Section 3, course author Catherine Zundel speaks on innovative methods employed by organizations to make work more attractive and comfortable for those in various roles in organizations. If you were a Human Resource Manager of an organization, what methods would you employ to collect job analysis information, which could be used to improve job descriptions and roles in an organization?

You should also discuss how the nature of jobs is changing and provide specific examples of how companies are adjusting working conditions to accommodate today's employees.

Collecting And Utilizing Job Analysis Information

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Please visit the Hunt Library (Links to an external site.) to identify at least two scholarly references to support your position and develop a post that describes at least four methods of collecting job analysis information.

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