Clive Wearing Essay

Clive Wearing CaseStudy



After watching the following video ()provide a review and analysis of Clive Wearing using the essay outline and formatrequirements described below.



Essay Outline




        Who is Clive Wearing?


        Why is his story significant?


        What should the reader expect in this review?




        Clive Wearing




Clive Wearing Essay

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        Interaction between Clive Wearing and Memory










        Highlight the key areas of your paper






Format: Times New Roman, 12 pt., double-spaced, NoTitle Page, No Reference Page, 4 paragraph min. with 4   (Introduction, Background Information,Analysis, Conclusion)

 Eachtalking point addresses different areas.


Clive Wearing: Describe without discussingMemory. Areas to consider: career, family, etc.


Memory: You decide the area of Memory todiscuss. Areas to consider: Short-Term/Long-Term, Declarative/Procedural,

Retrograde/Anterograde Amnesia, Structures/Functions inBrain (eg: hippocampus).


Interaction: This is where you bring bothsubject areas together. Heres 2 different approaches you could consider:


        Clives symptoms before, during, or after theinjury.


        Clives quality of life before, during, or afterthe injury.


 Yourreaction(s) need to be described and explained


Describe: What is the reaction? Your talkingpoint should reflect and relate to the topic areas discussed in BackgroundInformation


Explain: As the author, why is this talkingpoint important and worth discussing?

 Thinkof this as the implications from this case study. Your implications can coverfuture areas in Clives story, research areas, real-world applications, etc.

 Font:Times New Roman, 12 pt.


Alignment: Far-left margin of the page


Spacing: Section headings will have their own line,with the paragraph beginning 2 lines below it.  

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