Clinical Preparation Journal

Assignment Instructions 
For each therapy modality you will identify the following: 

Therapy criteria: 

Identify the therapy modality by name. 
Identify the originator (creator) of the specific modality. 
Identify a specific diagnosis or population this modality is especially helpful with. 
Note specific focus, emphasis, and/or goals of this modality. 
Therapy modalities (define criteria for each modality): 

Use the Portfolio Template Therapy Modalitiesto complete your portfolio assignments. Your information can be in a bulleted format or just a couple sentences for each criterion listed. However, you must use APA citations. You are NOT required to write this in a paper format. Turn in one document for each of this weeks topics. (However, create a file on your desktop to compile your portfolio as you move through the term. This will ensure you can have easy access once you begin clinicals and practice.) 

Clinical Preparation Journal

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