Choose A Subject And Plan Your Interview Start Assignment


This assignment will prepare you for interviewing your subject for the profile. 


  1. Decide on the person you will interview for your profile.
  2. Write the answers the following questions: 
      • Why did you pick this person? 
      • What relationship is he or she, a friend, mentor, church leader, teacher, family member?
      • Why do you think this person's story will be interesting to a general audience? 
      • Do they have an interesting story to tell such as an immigration story, a story from living through war, an inspiration story of succeeding through hardship? 
      • Where and when will you be able to interview your subject? You will need about an hour of their time. Interviews in person are the best so that you can describe physical details. If an in-person interview is not possible, you may interview over video call or on the phone. 
  3. Plan your interview:
      • See the Storycorps website (Links to an external site.) and read through it to see examples, animated stories, and other helpful tips. 
      • Write at least 10 interview questions. You may use the suggested questions (Links to an external site.) on the website. 
      • Contact your subject to ask permission and set up a time. 
      • Plan where you will record the interview and how you will transcribe their answers. 

Submit all of your plans, including the answers to the questions in #2 above and the ten interview questions in #3 above.

Choose A Subject And Plan Your Interview Start Assignment

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