Cherokee Removal

Our textbook author, Ronald Takaki A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America, keeps bringing up the theme of civilization and savagery and how that coincides with being "American." Keeping this in mind, write an essay that responds to the question: How do both Cherokee Chief John Ross and President Andrew Jackson use this concept of civilization and savagery to justify their respective positions on Removal in their respective writings, "Our Hearts are Sickened" and "To the Cherokee Tribe of Indians"? Your essay should show that you understand the policy of Removal and the positions of Andrew Jackson and the Cherokee (among other Indigenous Tribes) within it.

Essay should be two (minimum) to four (maximum) pages.
Double spaced
One inch margins
12 pt Times New Roman Font
Cite all sources. Please review course plagiarism policies. If there is any plagiarism in the essay (using other people's words as your own) the essay will receive a zero.
Citations can be done in whatever style you are most comfortable.
Works cited page not required if you are using only the assigned readings and lecture. However, if you use outside sources, then include them in a works cited page.

Cherokee Removal

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