Causeand Effect Toulmin Argument Thesis/Outline Assignment Instructions


In Module 6, you must develop a thesisstatement and outline for your 1200-1500 word cause and effect argument essaythat you will write in Module 7. This assignment will show your understandingof the reading material covered so far in the course related to argument,research, and essay development.  Puttingin the time to do the groundwork in the thesis/outline assignment will help youwhen you begin writing the actual essay in Module 7.  It is important to review the sample studentoutline available in APA, MLA, and Turabian in chapter 15 to understand theexpectations of this assignment that will be somewhat different from theexpectations of the thesis/outline assignments for the other essay assignmentsin this course.


Review chapter 15 in the textbook for the samplecause and effect Toulmin argument thesis/outline written in the documentationstyle for your major course of study. Using the sample, complete your ownthesis/outline in Module 6 that you will use in Module 7 to develop your Causeand Effect Toulmin Argument Essay Assignment. Your thesis/outlineassignment should include a clear thesis statement that addresses the questionin the prompt with a clear cause and effect argument and an outline of yourplan of support following the Toulmin Model of argument. The research sources for this essay have not beenprovided for you in our course. Yourresearch sources must be credible and appropriate for an academic essay.You may include biblical support, but your biblical support does not count inthe required citations.

       Prompt: (Choose 1) What is the impact of technology in theAmerican workplace? or What is the impact of Covid-19 on the American economy?

       Complete your thesis/outline using the sample inchapter 15 as a model while addressing the prompt question.

       Document your sources correctly according toyour documentation style (Current APA, MLA, or Turabian).

       Integrate a total of at least 4quotations, 1 summary, and 1 paraphrase (6 total) from at least 3 credibleacademic sources


Helpful Hints

       Chapter 15 in Module 6 includes sample studentoutlines for a cause and effect (Toulmin) thesis/outline in each of thedocumentation styles (APA, MLA, and Turabian).

       Chapter 3 in Module 6 includes a general outlinefor the Toulmin Model of argument.

       Review the Minimum Outline RequirementsChecklist (below) to understand the content that you must include in yourthesis/outline assignment.



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       Review the Cause and Effect Toulmin ArgumentThesis/Outline Assignment Grading Rubric in the course before submittingyour thesis/outline assignment.

Minimum Outline Requirements


Needs Revision

1.  Thesis statement: Makes a clear argument explaining the need to examine causes or consider effects relative to the topic.



2.  Evidence: Presents points that support the thesis. (In your outline, include at least the minimum number of required paraphrases, summaries, and/or quotes from outside sources as indicated in assignment instructions.)

*Toulmin has very specific requirements for the inclusion of background, grounds, backing, qualifier, and rebuttal.  See the sample outline and essay in Ch. 15 for more information to help you with this.



3. Opposing argument(s): Presents viewpoints opposing your thesis argument giving special consideration to opposition of your thesis. (Including the strongest opposition to refute helps build your credibility and convinces your audience to consider or adopt your position.)



4. Organize your information into the correct outline format. (See examples for APA, MLA, and Turabian in Chapter 15 for the Toulmin Model of argument.)



5. Documentation Requirements for Outline (Include minimum number of sources required for this assignment.):

If using current APA format, include properly formatted parenthetical intext citations and a References page.

If using current MLA format, include properly formatted parenthetical intext citations and a Works Cited page.

If using current Turabian format, include properly formatted footnotes and Bibliography page.




When you are satisfied with the quality of your thesis/outline, submit itvia the submission link in Module 6 for grading. Include your degree program and whether you are using current MLA, APA,or Turabian in the documents title when submitting your thesis/outline.


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