Case Study Related To People And Talent Management

Assessment Brief
Academic Year 2020-2021
Lecturer:Sofia Bakirli
This is a 48-hour written submission assessment. The responses to the questions must be uploaded to
a Turnitin folder created on our Moodle course platform.
After the assessment is uploaded, you will be allowed 48 hours to answer the questions. After 48 hours
the assessment will be closed. The answers must be uploaded to the Turnitin folder created on Moodle.
Exam Structure
4 Essay-type questions (25 points each)
• Provide the opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking.
• Permit the opportunity to apply theory to practical, real-world situations.
• Enable students to present their analytical skills based on a high level of abstraction.
• Allow students to communicate and evaluate complex ideas.
General Information
o 40% of the final grade, 1600 to 2000 words total (400-500 words per question).
o You must answer all 4 questions below.
o Your answers must be partially based on the assigned readings from our required textbook.
o The rest of your answer is based on reading and research you carry out, outside of the
o This Assessment is based on two, given Case studies: You will provide structured answers
focusing on the course content. You will be marked on the extent of your learned knowledge and
understanding of principles covered during the course, how you critically analyse the situation in
the Case Study, and how you apply those concepts in a practical situation which illustrates your
ability to apply HR theory to HRM functions. Finally, your ability to communicate your ideas in a
clear and structured manner using correct grammar will be evaluated.
o The quality of your answers will greatly depend on the quality and range of the research and
sources used.
o References must follow the Harvard Referencing System; points will be deducted for
unacknowledged use of information sources, as well as for incorrect formatting (page numbers
bottom right).
Assessment Brief
Academic Year 2020-2021
Lecturer:Sofia Bakirli
Case study 1: EST Publishing
About a year ago, EST Publishing began looking for a new managing editor for its home magazine. The
previous managing editor retired after 25 years on the job. The remaining editors and the HR department
debated about the key requirements for a new managing editor: Some felt it was knowledge of the
business, others thought it was interpersonal skills. A few other editors believed it was the ability to attract
writing talent and subscribers. Finally, it was decided that HR would screen candidates, and the editors
would interview finalists in conjunction with HR. The HR Director would make the final choice to avoid
competition among the editors.
Advertisements were placed nationally. Several candidates were tested and interviewed by the HR
Manager, and background references were checked. After a long search, a new managing editor, Patrick,
was hired, but it quickly became apparent that a poor selection had been made.
Although Patrick was competent, his overbearing management style drove two talented editors to leave
for jobs with competitors. Patrick fulfilled all tasks of the position except soliciting new writers and
subscribers. In addition, he offered no ideas or direction about increasing circulation, and readership
remained stagnant. After 8 months, the publisher let Patrick go and began looking for a new managing
This time, the firm wants to find someone who is willing to tackle all tasks of the position and who has the
right skills and personality mix. The firm wants someone who can start quickly and doesn't require
significant training. The ability to innovate, they decided, is less critical than the motivation to work hard.
Overall, however, recruiting funds are very limited for this new search.
1. Through examples drawn from your research, explain how poor HR processes for job analysis,
HR planning, recruitment, and employee selection can harm a firm’s strategic objectives. Apply
those facts to the firm in this Case Study. (Up to 500 words)
2. Highlight the criteria EST´s HR department must establish in the future when analyzing and
designing jobs to assure their employees fulfill corporate goals. Create and integrate a detailed
proposition on a new recruiting strategy to be successful. Discuss what technology this firm might
utilize for the selection process. (Up to 500 words)
Case study 2: Georgia Department of Highways
“There, at last, it’s finished,” thought Rajiv Chaudhry, as he laid aside the last of 12 performance appraisal
forms. It had been a busy week for Rajiv, who supervises a road maintenance crew for the Georgia
Department of Highways.
In passing through Rajiv’s district a few days earlier, the governor had complained to the area
superintendent that repairs were needed on several of the highways. Because of this, the superintendent
assigned Rajiv’s crew an unusually heavy workload. In addition, Rajiv received a call from the human
resource office that week telling him that the performance appraisals were late. Rajiv explained his
predicament, but the HR specialist insisted that the forms be completed right away:
Assessment Brief
Academic Year 2020-2021
Lecturer:Sofia Bakirli
Looking over the appraisals again, Rajiv thought about several of the workers. The performance appraisal
form had places for marking quantity of work, quality of work, and cooperativeness. For each
characteristic, the worker could be graded outstanding, good, average, below average, or unsatisfactory.
As Rajiv’s crew had completed all of the extra work assigned for that week, he marked every worker
outstanding in the quantity of work. He marked Joe Blum average in cooperativeness because Joe had
questioned one of his decisions that week. Rajiv had decided to patch a pothole in one of the roads, and
Joe thought the small section of road surface ought to be broken out and replaced. Rajiv didn’t include
this in the remarks section of the form, though. As a matter of fact, he wrote no remarks on any of the
Rajiv felt a twinge of guilt as he thought about Roger Short. He knew that Roger had been goofing off,
and the other workers had been carrying him for quite some time. He also knew that Roger would be
upset if he found that he had been marked lower than the other workers. Consequently, he marked Roger
the same to avoid a confrontation. “Anyway,” Rajiv thought, “these things are a pain, and I really shouldn’t
have to bother with them.”
As Rajiv folded up the performance appraisals and put them in the envelope for mailing, he smiled. He
was glad he would not have to think about performance appraisals for another six months.
3. Critically discuss the implications Rajiv’s performance appraisals may have on those HR practices
that rely on employee assessments and evaluations such as promotions and merit pay decisions:
Explore the consequences for the firm if an appraisal is inaccurate. (Up to 500 words)
4. Formulate at least 2 solutions for HR to ensure that management is utilizing the appraisal tool
properly and effectively: Recommend incentives that would encourage management to be
unbiased, transparent, and accurate when appraising their workers. (Up to 500 words)
This assignment should be answered and submitted entirely in one Word.docx document.
The work must be uploaded on the appropriate Turnitin folder created by the course Faculty Member on
Submission within 2 days after the deadline will be capped at 70%. Submission 3 days and more after
the deadline will receive a zero (F).
Due date: 18 February 2022 (Friday) 23:59 CET
Structure of the assessment
1. A cover page must contain the following:
• Name of this course
• Name of the Faculty Member / Lecturer
Assessment Brief
Academic Year 2020-2021
Lecturer:Sofia Bakirli
• Student's Full Name
• Student ID number
• Title of this assignment (Mid-Term / Final)
• Date of submission
2. A Table of Contents
3. Body of Analysis
• Each question should be answered in an essay format, up to 500 words per question.
• Students must refer to theories and models studied in class, for each question. Students
must then provide additional legitimate sources of reference, gathered outside of the
• You must list at least 1 source per question in each of your answers. List the sources you refer
to, according to the Harvard Referencing Guide. No Wiki, no link citations (EBSCO or Springer
or Google Scholar.): only original author/source/publication references. This means, you can
use these databases to search for material, but your citation of these sources must be the
original paper or article the site is carrying.
• Include facts, figures, graphs, and visual material and list your sources according to the
Harvard Referencing Guide.
• You must create a reference list at the end of the paper.

Case Study Related To People And Talent Management

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