Career Development "TD"- Career Planning

Categorized Subject:
"Career Development / Career Planning"

"***Identify the issue or trend addressed in the articles"

***Articles References

1. Demonstrated an understanding of the assignment
2. formatting the paper is an inter-office memo addressed to the President of the organization (Instructor) from HRD Department(my team)
3. Identify the issue or trend and briefly summarized the key information presented in each article.
4. Thoroughly explained why you believe the issue or trend is significant to the practice of HRD and described the impact it may have on/within organizations.
5. Use relevant examples and accompanying citations to explaining support the ideas being discussed
6. Memos are written in the format of a "position paper" where the author(s) describe a situation or environment in an organization and offer an intervention to address the potential problem
7. Use on citation from the permanent literature (refereed journal) and one citationfrom the popular press to support your position
8. The answers are well presented and organized in a logical sequence; APA formatting is not required as this is a business memo, however it must be written in the scholarly way which means no everyday, conversation language
9. A cover Page using APA format is required

Career  Development

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