Capital Punishment Forum & Case Study

2 parts to this assignment

Capital Punishment Forum (first part)


You are going to discuss capital punishment in terms of a current event. Your initial post and peer reply should each consist of approximately 150-200 words.

Part I (Original Post)

Find a current event that deals with capital punishment and discuss it here. Be sure to bring one of this week's readings to bear on the discussion.


Capital Punishment Forum & Case Study

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Capital Punishment Case Analysis (2nd part)

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Overview and Instructions

If you have not done so, be sure to read the Case Analysis Structure Overview.

In this case analysis you have five tasks: 

  1. Explain your understanding of the case. 
  2. Give a thorough, philosophical exegesis of the relevant aspects of the ACLU paper, Kant and Van den Haags arguments
  3. Present an argument applying the relevant philosophers to the case at hand. This should include an account of what each philosopher would argue should happen to Bob.
  4. Present an argument explaining why one of the philosophers can be viewed as offering a more successful solution to the case at hand. 
  5. In ONE paragraph, explain how you think we should treat Bob.


Consider Bob. Bob was raised by wolves (literally dont ask me how). Although his IQ would probably be normal, there is no way to test it, since Bob doesnt speak or read any human language. One day, Bob emerged from the wilderness and ended up Downtown -- the snazzy part of the city. He was hungry (presumably) so he found some food in the normal wolf way: he stalked a mother walking her baby and, deciding it was easiest to prey on the weaker, killed and ate the baby. Theres no question that Bob is guilty of the crime. He did it and there were lots of witnesses.  What punishment should Bob get?

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