Calculate The RBRVS Payment

Calculate the RBRVS payment for lumbar hemilaminectomy - discectomy (HCPCS/CPT code 63030) performed in each of the cities below using the physician fee schedule look up tool on the CMS Website to collect the necessary values.  Use the 2015B fee schedule. 

San Francisco

Deliverables: 1-2 pages, Word document, cite references.

Show your work
Which city has the highest rate?  Explain.
Explain your experience using this tool and how it benefits the physician office or clinic.

Instructions for search:

Calculate The RBRVS Payment

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Resources:  CMS Factsheet on How to use the RBRVS tool  Download  CMS Factsheet on How to use the RBRVS tool 

1) Go to this website: (Links to an external site.) 

2) Click on Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Look-up Tool

3) Scroll down to "start search"

4) Under search criteria:

select the fee schedule you want by year (see assignment)
enter HCPCS/CPT code
specify locality (city)
modifier - global
5) choose facility price for each city and compare


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