(Business Writing Class) Business Report

You, Valerie Pringle, are the manager of Delectable Donuts (DD), one of the largestcommercial donut bakeries in the state of Illinois.
You have just gotten off the phone with your employer, Ms. Tomlinson. Shes very excited.She doesnt want to say goodbye to DD; rather, she would like to move it to a new locationthat would be more profitable. Some of the factors include: 
a low corporate tax rate
  an abundance of trained and experienced bakery personnel 
access to low cost donut fillings, especially strawberry jelly 
Ms. Tomlinson asks you to write a brief report of 300-400 words canvassing thefollowing options as possible destinations: 
New York City 
Anchorage, Alaska 
Omaha, Nebraska

(Business Writing Class) Business Report

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