Business Production

  • Create a 10-12-minute PowerPoint presentation and use a PESTEL analysis for each nation along with a Venn diagram to illustrate comparisons.
  • Analysis of the economic, political and socio-cultural environments of each nation and the forces for change within it.
  • Identify the technological, environmental and legal developments of the business environment and show how they influence Global Business operations.
  • Identify business opportunities, risks and challenges for each nation. The focus is to be on the fashion industry as it relates to trends, competitive brands or retailers, product differentiation, merchandise mix and price points.
  • Make a final recommendation with your rational to enter your selected country.

Topic One

As a team of two assistants to the managing director of a national brand wishing to expand production from the United States to the Asia Pacific region, you have been given the task of choosing a country as a possible place for future production.

Business Production

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Countries to choose from:

  • Indonesia vs. Vietnam
  • Cambodia vs. Bangladesh
  • Thailand vs. Singapore
  • Bangladesh vs. India
  • Mexico vs. China
  • Dominican Republic vs. Columbia
  • Myanmar vs. Malaysia
  • Sri Lanka vs. Philippines

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