Business Law Case

Your answer should be as complete as possible.  Do not deal just with conclusions.  Example: if you say that a contract exist, that is a conclusion.  Explain why you believe that a contract was or was not formed.


Earlier in May, Jack made an inquiry at "The Cliffs," a mountain  resort owned by Cliff.  In Cliff's absence, Joe, one of Cliff's caretaker, had shown Jack two available rental houses, "Hi-Vu" and "Lo-Vu," owned by Cliff, which Joe stated were listed for rent at  $6,000 and $3,000 respectively, for one season.  

On May 15, Jack received a letter from Cliff which read,

            "This confirms statements by Joe.  You may have Hi-Vu at $6,000,

            or Lo-Vu at $3,000, for the season June through August, all services

            included, payable in equal monthly installments."

Business Law Case

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On May 17, Jack wrote to Cliff as follows, 

            "I think your prices are high.  Will you take $5,000 for Hi-Vu? 

            If not, then I'll have to settle for Lo-Vu, and I agree to pay the

            $3,000 you ask, only I hope you may be willing to consider some

            concession if I pay the whole $3,000 in advance."

On May 18, Cliff received Jack's letter and Cliff immediately telegraphed Jack,

            "No change in prices.  See my letter of the 16th."

Jack received Cliff's telegram the same day, May 18; and later that day Jack also received Cliff's letter of May 16, which read,  

            "Our deal is off."

The normal course of post between Jack and Cliff was one day. What rights, if any, does Jack have against Cliff?


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