Business Communication

Discussion Topic #1: Resources for Career Success (50 points)

It's impossible for one person to understand and remember all the grammar rules, punctuation "do's and don'ts", writing styles, and formats that go into effective business communication. Thankfully, there are a number of reference books, style guides, journals, websites, blogs, and professional organizations that we can readily access when we have a doubt or question about which rule to apply and when to apply it. Post a COMMENT about a specific resource that will be helpful to you in your chosen career.

Your post should

Business Communication

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  • Name the resource, describe its purpose, and explain how this resource has been or will be helpful to you and how it might be beneficial to other students. Relate the resource and how you will use it to your chosen career.
  • Be at least 300 words
  • Include at least one supporting detail from a library database article or website related to the topic. Posts must include a summary or quote from that source and website citations must contain active links.
  • Use your own words being careful not to plagiarize.
  • Have correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

Post at least two REPLY COMMENTS. In addition to your researched post to the topic, you are required to reply to at least two other students' posts. Each reply must be thoughtful, substantive and add new ideas or concepts, not a mere "What a great post."

Include the original posts of the students you are responding to.

Posting early earns more points resulting in a higher score. Posting on the day before or day of the due date will earn fewer points resulting in a lower score. Please review the Discussion Grading Policy in the , the  for discussion scoring criteria, and  before posting.

You will need to post THREE times to this discussion:  One original COMMENT post and two REPLY response posts. READ ALL POSTS.

You must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads

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