Business Case Study- Colgate

  A succinct analysis of the situation or problem(s) making the decision maker(s) in the case

  Identification of the complexities involved (i.e. key factors and issues)

Business Case Study- Colgate

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  The options or alternative courses of action open to the decision maker(s) and the advantages and disadvantages of each

  An actionable recommendation and the justification for the selected course of actionAssume the role of a marketing consultant and write your case analysis in memorandum format.  Assume the reader is familiar with the case, and present case information only when it is needed to support a line of reasoning you are developing.  The analysis is expected to reflect course concepts.  Your grade is based upon the clarity of the logic that underlies your recommendation.  Case papers should be approximately 5 pages typed, double spaced, plus any optional appendices.  Exhibits should back up your conclusions and the key points about them should be articulated within the memorandum

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