BUS-225 Powerpoint Revision/Addition Needed

For this order you will be completing a recision to a  powerpoint presentation with speaker notes for my BUS-225 Critical Skills for Business course.  The file you are revising is : 5-1 Project Two Submission.pptx

I have included the order instructions as well as the grading rubric for your review. 

The only feedback received from the professor on Project Two was as follows: 
Professors Feedback on Project Two: You did have good references, however they were not properly indented or double spaced as per proper APA writing guidelines. 147.75/150 A. 
Please be sure to correct this on your upload and address all the key fields below. 

Your presentation to the leadership panel of your company was well received. Now you must create a presentation for a wider audiencestakeholders from inside and outside the companyand include your decisions and recommendations, which were approved by the leadership panel. Remember that your presentation must convey professionalism and be visually appealing as well as informative. You will be rewriting the file uploaded from Project Two. 

Key Grading Metrics: All need to be addressed in your presentation: 

  1. Identify Your Key Message. Key message is clearly identified to both internal and external stakeholders

  2. Illustrate Your Key Points. Key points are clearly illustrated with visualizations

  3. Tell Your Story. Story is easily understood

  4. Communicate Your Decision About Diversification: Uses visualizations to tell the story of the (quantitative and qualitative) data

  5. Determines the likelihood of success based on the data and research collected

  6. Discusses the impact that moving to the new industry has on the organization and its internal and external stakeholders

  7. Detail Your Recommendations: Summarizes findings of the research performed

    BUS-225 Powerpoint Revision/Addition Needed

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  8. Includes research conclusions and reasoning

  9. Describes the rationale behind decision and solutions

  10. Articulation of Response. Clearly conveys meaning with correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling, demonstrating an understanding of audience and purpose

  11. Citations and Attributions. Uses citations for ideas requiring attribution, with consistent minor errors

  12. Exceeds proficiency in an exceptionally clear, insightful, sophisticated, or creative manner

Some tips from the professor: 
  • Do not have more than one main idea per slide.
  • Use contrast and size to direct the viewers eyes to what you need them to focus on.
  • Do not type out full sentences on the slide. Use bullet points to punctuate your narration.
  • Use a dark background.
  • Do not include more than six elements on a slide.
  • Options are available to add highlights and animations, tables and charts, audio and video, and so on. 

What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit a Powerpoint presentation of 10 to 15 slides including speaker notes. Sources should be cited according to APA style.



You may use additional sources but be sure to include them in the references as citations in APA 7th edition format. 

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