Breaking Boundaries Refelection

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Breaking Boundaries Refelection

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After watching Breaking Boundaries and listening to the three podcasts, write 400 word reflection on your own understanding of the climate crisis.  This is an open-ended and informal reflection.  You can write what you'd like.  But here are a few questions to guide your thinking if you get stuck: What are your reactions to the documentary and the podcasts?  What did you know about the climate crisis prior to watching / listening to the documentary and podcasts?  What did you learn?  What surprised/shocked you?  How are you feeling about what you just learned?  And why are you feeling that way?

Your reflection should include a minimum of three quotations, which you can pull from the documentary and/or the podcasts.  At the end of your reflection, write a list of 10 questions that you have about the planet, the climate crisis, the documentary, and/or the podcasts (that's 10 in total not 10 for each source). 

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