Book Review

First page , You are going to use this file "Book_Rev_Week6_Ch8 (1).docx"

Review Chapter 8,  SAPNation: Bystanders and answer the following questions:

"Significant customercustomizations continue because the functionality delivered by vendors wasinadequate. Vendors glibly claim their software reflects best practices.Often these are practices from the 1990s." - Page 273

Book Review

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", it is not surprisingthat only a tiny fraction of SAPs 400,000+ customers have migrated from ECC,, and other products to its more modern S/4, SuccessFactors, ByD, HANA, andSCP." - Page 274

  • How do you reconcile these two statements: more modern applications are available (second paragraph), but customers are not upgrading?

Second page  , You are going to use this file "Book_Rev_Week7_Ch9&10.docx"

Review Section IV, SAP Nation, two chapters (Chapters9&10) and answer the following questions:

Customers want their ERP vendors to be leaders, notleeches.

Its OUR data, not owned by the SAP system!A UK court ruled in favor of SAP against a customer,Diageo, in early 2017. IA. If you connect any commercial, non-SAP system toSAP, either its database or an application, that falls under Indirect Accessliability, and you must pay for it. Do you agree with the courts 

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