Bipolar Disorder

Based on the condition you selected, create a 3-5 minutes video presentation discussing the following information related to the condition selected ( Bipolar disorder)

1- prevalence

2- risk factors

3- patient presentation

5-Neurobiology(brain structures affected)

6-Neurotransmitters thought to be related

Bipolar Disorder

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7-Evidence based treatment plan for the condition to include patient education, prognosis, and potential side effects from medications selected.

8- Role of the Psychiatric Nurse practitioner in the managemnet of the condition

include a minimum of 4 evidence-based articles to support your presentation that are 5 years old or less

Please use visuals such as slides, graphics, charts and graphs, etc.( No talking head videos)

Criteria 1- diagnosis definition/symptoms/prevalence; Risk factors.

Patients: presentation/neurobiology/related neurotransmitters

evidence based treatment plan: includes patients education, prognosis, and potential side effects and the role of the PMHNP

-video presentation


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