Baseball As The American National Pastime

Using material from the articles, chapters, and primary sources weve read so far this semester as well as the lecture material, answer the following questions: Did baseball become the American National Pastime during the era we have covered so far in this class? If so, when and why then? If not, why not? Be sure to use and cite evidence from our other readings to support your argument.

Your essay MUST have a clear, concise, and specific thesis statement/argument that guides the rest of your paper.

Your essay MUST properly use a commonly recognized citation style. (You do not need to cite materials from our lectures, only from our readings.)

Your essay MAY NOT use sources other than the materials assigned in this course. That means that no additional research is permitted.

Please DO also pay attention to the general guidelines for papers listed:

Baseball As The American National Pastime

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Each paper must have a clear, concise, and specific
thesis/argument. Each paper will be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins in standard 12-
point font (such as Times New Roman). All pages will be numbered and each paper will have a
title. Because effective communication of your idea(s) is a part of every assignment, grammar
and spelling count.

Your essay will be graded on the effectiveness of your thesis statement, your grammar usage and writing style, the clarity of your writing, your use of the materials we read for this class, and your use of proper citation style. Consult the rubric associated with this assignment on D2L for more specifics.

Use at least 3 of the of the sources provided and follow this prompt and the rubric. Please properly site each source in the text and include a references page.

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