Art Movements

For this project, you will answer seven questions about artists from ten of the art movements you studied throughout your course. You must select one artist from each of the following movements to research:

  1. Neoclassicism:
    • Edmonia Lewis
    • Giovanni Bautista Piranesi
    • Marie-Guillemine Benoist


  1. Romanticism:
    • Gustave Dore
    • Thomas Cole
    • Marguerite Gerard


  1. Impressionism:
    • Juan Luna
    • George Breitner
    • Edward Henry Potthast


  1. Post-Impressionism:
    • Emily Carr
    • Chang Dai-chein
    • Gaston La Touche


  1. Expressionism and Fauvism:
    • Kathe Kollwitz
    • Anita Malfatti
    • Ernst Ludwig Kirchner


Art Movements

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  1. Cubism and Futurism:
    • Alma Thomas
    • Lyubov Popova
    • Jacob Lawrence


  1. Dada, Social Realism, and Surrealism:
    • Marc Chagall
    • Beatrice Wood
    • Frida Khalo


  1. Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art:
    • Yayoi Kusama
    • Lee Krasner
    • David Hockney


  1. Minimalism, Post-Minimalism, and Performance Art:
    • Jackie Farrara
    • Marina Abramovic
    • Richard Artschwager


  1. Post-Modernism, Contemporary, and Deconstructivism:
    • Kara Walker
    • Jean-Michel Basquiat
    • Zaha Hadid


Once youve selected the 10 artists you would like to focus on, youll need to research answers to the following seven questions or question groups:

  1. Whats the year of the artists birth (and, where applicable, death)?
  2. Where was the artist born? Where did he or she create the majority of his or her work (if at a different location than this place of birth)?
  3. What medium did the artist use? Did he or she use more than one main medium?
  4. Which art movement did the artist contribute to? If he or she contributed to more than one movement, where did this artist make the greatest impact?
  5. What are some of the artists most famous works of art? Choose one of these works. In what ways is the piece characteristic of the movement specified above? (Include an image of the chosen piece.)
  6. What challenges, if any, did the artist face that may have affected his or her work? What was happening in the world at that time that influenced the artists work?
  7. Whats innovative about the artists work for that time period?

You'll then write an APA-formatted essay that contains a title page, a brief introduction and conclusion, in-text citations supporting your research, and a reference list. Answer each question using complete sentences. The essay should be a minimum of 1,200 words. However, most students finish the project in about 2,000 words.

Answer the questions in essay format; do not answer them in list format.

Youll need to find at least one source for each artist from the internet, a library, or elsewhere. Be sure to use reputable sources when searching for information on your selected artists.

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Writing Guidelines 

  1. Your essay should be a minimum of 1,200 words.
  2. Your essay should be double-spaced, with 1" margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.
  3. Your entire project should be contained in one (1) Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format file.
  4. Your essay should include a cover page and works cited page using APA formatting.

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