The essay should provide background on your selected topic and a discussion section that includes an explicit analysis of the topics relevance to the course. Examples of possible essay formats may be (but not limited to):  

       Select a case study or cross-cutting theme and compare different readings or approaches to it 

       Select a historical or current scholarship and analyze it using course readings and other relevant scholarship.


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You may discuss what you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches used. You are expected to provide evidence for all your assertions using the texts assigned or in supplemental materials.

I would use the reading, 'Puffy, Ugly, Slothful and Inert': Degeneration in Brazilian Social Thought, 1880-1940 by Dain Borges in order to talk about Race and how it relates to people with disabilities. Coming from a disability studies lens I see many flaws within society that affect individuals on a daily basis, with this essay I will gain further knowledge on how race may have an impact on people with disabilities.

All instructions are in the attached word file. 

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