Analysis Of The Poem "The 8 O'Clock Movie" By Tino Villanueva

This class is Interpretation of Literature. 
Please write a paper on your Interpretation of the Poem. Three to Four page essay on analysis of the poem The 8 O'Clock Movie by      Tino Villanueva by using close reading techniques. 
Describe the tone of poem, theme, setting, narrator, what is the message of the poem. Include a thesis relating to a close reading       from the poem. 
Use close reading tools to explicateslowly read and explainthe assigned text.
Use close reading tools to explain the texts literacy signficance. Create an arguement,  Place your thesis statement in the first            paragraph. Explain what aspect of the texts literary significance you will discuss and how the tools you selected help craft this arguement. 

Analysis Of The Poem

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