An Analytical Essay Of An Article

Essay #1 Based on this article in the pp 67-86

James Davidson
"Women and Boys in Classical Athens"

In the article, Davidson lists the different types of prostitution and variants of sexual relations that exist in Athens. Summarize this hierarchy, and describe the differing characteristics presented.
Why do you think Davidson goes to great lengths to describe these differences?
Do you think there really are any differences?
After having read about the many achievements of Athens laid out in the textbook, how does this expose on the sexuality and gritty nature of the city, change or help shape your overall opinion of the city of Athens? Be specific.

An Analytical Essay Of An Article

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For this article I would like you to consider all of the above questions, and provide a concise and well organized essay that addresses all these issues in some way. I want your answers synthesized into an narrative that is easy to understand ( Intro, Body, Conclusion). I don't want answers numbered or bulleted. I was want your answers contained in the text of your essay. You can address these issues in any order you like. You don't have to answer the 1st one 1st, or the last one last. Be creative in how you group ideas and opinions. I would like standard composition form.
Remember grammar and spelling are important. Please use a standard 12 font for the text. Paper should be a minimum of 1400 words.

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