For your literary analysis, you will analyze a fictional work. 

Remember, for your literary analysis, you will analyze and discuss a fictional work. 

Please submit a thorough outline here.

For your literary analysis, you will analyze ONE fictional work about your chosen disability, and you will find at least three outside nonfiction sources that help you analyze your one fictional work. All sources should be present in this assignment. 


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You MUST include a full thesis statement (YOUR main idea about the author's treatment of disability) and at least three main points; please also include at least two points of evidence for each main point (from the literary work and/or from the sources you plan to use).

Your outline should include at least upper-case Roman numerals and upper-case letters (I, I, III with A and B for each).

Do not write partial statements or incomplete sentences. Make sure your outline is detailed enough to understand easily. Use complete sentences.

Your outline should also cite the sources that will eventually appear in your literary analysis. 

If you need assistance with outlining, you might wish to review the information provided online by the Purdue OWL under "Developing an Outline." This resource includes sections on components of an outline, how to prepare an outline, and samples of outlines. I will use this website to evaluate your outline. 

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