All Quiet On The Western Front Questions And Answers

Write an answer of 3 to 5 complete sentences to each of the following questions. You must answer all the questions. 

All Quiet On The Western Front Questions And Answers

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  1. Why is this considered to be “the greatest war novel of all time?” What message does the book convey and how? (Patriotic idealism, horrors of war, camaraderie, effects on soldiers’ mentality, etc…)
  2. Choose your favorite/not-so-favorite character(s) from the book and discuss their characteristics.
  3. What new technologies were introduced in World War I and how did they alter traditional warfare? Be specific in mentioning the type of weapons used and their effects.
  4. What role does the author suggest that women occupied in the war? (The girls in the poster, Paul’s French brunette, Paul’s mother and sister, Lewandowski’s wife, etc.)
  5. How does Baumer’s opinion of war evolve from enlistment to when things become quiet on the western front? How does Baümer feel when he gets back home? In the scene of Baümer and the enemy soldier, how does Baümer’s state of mind change?

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