Aida Model

Activity:  AIDA Model for Marketing Fitness

Introduction: The AIDA Model was developed in 1898 as a guide to explain a buyers journey toward taking action/making a purchase. Today, it can be used in a wide array of situations that call for an individual to take action; whether its viewing a website, subscribing to a YouTube channel, signing up for a newsletter or even making a purchase.

The AIDA Model can be particularly useful in the digital marketing setting when preparing content.  Think of it as a checklist, or guideline to make sure that the content will have the desired impact for the reader.   For storytelling, persuasive writing, educational, etc. content development, having the components of the AIDA model in place are beneficial when it comes to connecting with the desired audience.

In the Infographic below, notice the suggestions for each stage of the Model and reflect on how that might entice the reader to keep reading and eventually move into the Action stage (subscribe, watch, buy, connect, respond, etc.).

Aida Model

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Assignment Instructions: (approx.. 1-2 hours)

Purpose of this assignment: Using tools such as the AIDA model help marketers and promoters design more successful materials that are appealing to potential audiences.  As you review various sites and materials, youll develop a sense of how to design better marketing content by reviewing a variety of styles and qualities.

  1. Search through FIU fitness and wellness sites listed below to find and view a variety of the digital promotional messages they have created (flyer, event, promotion, membership, etc.).  Then choose one that you will review with the AIDA model checklist.  Ideally the promotional message you choose will relate to your own healthy change topic...if possible.


  • FIU Recreation
  • FIU Fitness =
  • FIU Biscayne Bay =
  • Student Health=
  • Health 101=

  1. Using the AIDA model checklist below, rate the digital promotions according to your opinion of how well the ad lead the reader through the stages of the Model.

  • AIDA MODEL CHECKLIST  Use the following criteria for your rating:
  • Low rating: did not connect reader with stage; most likely would not get reader to take action
  • Moderate rating: started to connect with stage, but could be stronger; might get reader to take action
  • High rating: moved reader through the stages with a good connection and likelihood of taking action

  1. Submit your answers to the following questions in the Discussion Forum!

  1. Title of Promotional Piece:
  2. Link to the ad site:
  3. Screenshot of page/ad:
  4. Complete - based on the AIDA model checklist - what rating will you give and why?
  1. Low Rating
  2. Moderate Rating
  3. High Rating
  1. Reflection: What would you do differently to this ad to make it a stronger ad?

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