Advertisement Review

  1. Pick three advertisements (e.g., from social media, TV, magazines, billboards, etc.) that have people in relationships depicted in them. They can feature people of ANY sexual orientation.
  2. Look/watch/listen closely to each.

Reflection Questions

After examining the three advertisements you chose, answer the following questions using complete sentences. Number your responses so I know which question you are answering, and include specific examples from the advertisements in your answers. The length of your responses will likely vary by the question but should range from 2 or 3 sentences up to a full paragraph. 

Advertisement Review

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The purpose of this assignment is to think about how sexual orientation is depicted in the media, so make sure to discuss that in your answers.

  1. List each of your three advertisements (e.g., what is the brand, what is being advertised). If possible, attach an image or link.
  2. Describe each advertisement briefly (who is portrayed, what are they doing, etc.), yet with enough detail so that it is possible to understand what was represented without seeing/watching it.
  3. Think about how different sexual orientations were depicted in each advertisement (hint: consider what is NOT represented as well as what was is).
    • What was similar or different about the way sexual orientations were depicted across the three ads?
  4. In what ways do the three advertisements you chose reinforce or contradict stereotypes about sexual orientation?

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