Academic Summary Of An Article

  1. write a 500-word article summary that includes a topic sentence.
    1. An academic summary focuses on identifying what is most important in the article and relating those facts in APA format.  
    2. The topic sentence should tell readers the title of the article, the name of the author, and what you've determined the main point of the article to be. It will only include ideas from the original text; you will not insert your own opinions or interpretations.  This paper should be an attempt at formal, academic writing using APA style. 

This document should be formatted according to APAstandards: 

Academic Summary Of An Article

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  • Font: Times New Roman, 12pt. OR Calibri, 11pt.
  • Double-spaced lines
  • 1" margins for the entire document
  • First-line indent for all new paragraphs
  • Title page
  • Page numbers
  • References page with a correctly-written APA citation, formatted with hanging indents

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